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We aim to develop a new generation of evidence-based nutraceuticals that will effectively help people
to better face actual and future health challenges facing modern society.
Avitop is based in Berlin located in one of Germany’s most important clusters for biotechnology. Our facilities harbor research and development and our management head office. Avitop was founded in 2009 inspired by the existence of TFα-antibodies. Our vision was to search for a TFα-antigen expressing gut bacterium and providing humans an easy way to support their TFα-antibody level. This was the starting point to identify our CorriX™-strain and to develop it as food ingredient consumable for everyone searching for products with the best health benefits.
Along with the launch of our product CorriX™ we are now ready for roll-out, building worldwide alliances for marketing and distribution.

Our Business Heads

Henner Kollenberg


CorriX™ is unique and provides great business opportunities in the global nutraceutical market!

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